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A Busted Water Pipe Doesn't Have To Be A Hassle To Deal With If You Call SERVPRO of South Greenville County!

This south Greenville home experienced flooding after the main water supply line burst. The hardwood floors began to swell and separate. Unfortunately, the dama... READ MORE

When You Are Standing In Water - Call SERVPRO of South Greenville County.

This homeowner discovered her water heater had burst. The carpet and vinyl flooring were waterlogged. The homeowner was left standing in water and unsure of how... READ MORE

SERVPRO of South Greenville County is Ready To Weather The Storm!

This homeowner was enjoying their vacation until they received a phone call from a friend that their home was flooded with stormwater. The sump pump malfunction... READ MORE

When Storm Water Invades Your Home Call SERVPRO of South Greenville County

The carpets in this finished basement become soaked with stormwater during a storm. Water crept in through the crawlspace and worked its way into the finished b... READ MORE

Water Heater Floods Local Residence

This home became flooded with water after the water heater burst. Unsure of how to get rid of the water, the homeowner called SERVPRO of South Greenville County... READ MORE

Laundromat Fire in Easley, SC

The dryer in this laundromat spontaneously combusted after being overloaded with rags. After the firetrucks left, the owner was unsure of how to remove the soot... READ MORE

Don't Let Stained Carpet Get You Down - Call SERVPRO of South Greenville County!

Carpets and rugs act as a filter in your home. They trap allergens, dirt, bacteria, pet hair, and other things and release them back into the air when you walk ... READ MORE

When Water Damages Your Kitchen - Call SERVPRO of South Greenville County

The dishwasher began to leak in this home. Unfortunately, the leak went unnoticed for several days and damaged the floors. SERVPRO of South Greenville County re... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage in Anderson, SC

This picture shows the damage a fire caused within an apartment complex. A 40 unit apartment complex caught on fire in Anderson, South Carolina. This apartment ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Seneca, SC

A fire started in this home leaving the homeowners feeling devastated. Once the flames were extinguished, the homeowners called SERVPRO of South Greenville Coun... READ MORE