Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

A Busted Water Pipe Doesn't Have To Be A Hassle To Deal With If You Call SERVPRO of South Greenville County!

This south Greenville home experienced flooding after the main water supply line burst. The hardwood floors began to swell and separate. Unfortunately, the dama... READ MORE

When You Are Standing In Water - Call SERVPRO of South Greenville County.

This homeowner discovered her water heater had burst. The carpet and vinyl flooring were waterlogged. The homeowner was left standing in water and unsure of how... READ MORE

Water Heater Floods Local Residence

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When Water Damages Your Kitchen - Call SERVPRO of South Greenville County

The dishwasher began to leak in this home. Unfortunately, the leak went unnoticed for several days and damaged the floors. SERVPRO of South Greenville County re... READ MORE

Flooded Kitchen in Seneca, SC

This family's kitchen experienced serious water damage after a pipe had burst. SERVPRO of South Greenville County has the expertise to mitigate residential loss... READ MORE