Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Green SERVPRO Disaster Trailer in front of local church affected by recent tornado

Tornado Damage Affects Local Church. SERVPRO Of South Greenville County Here To Help

Around three am, on Monday 13, 2020, an EF 3 tornado touched down and ripped through Oconee County. Unfortunately, Seneca Baptist Church was directly in its path. Due to the high winds, a portion of the roof was peeled back, leaving the pews and carpet in the sanctuary exposed to rainwater. Once the tornado stopped, area-wide power outages and water outages left the church members stuck on how to repair the damage.

The first step was to make a call to SERVPRO of South Greenville County. Once our team arrived, work immediately began. They placed several generators and installed power distribution boxes to run equipment in the sanctuary. Our crew members quickly realized we needed more equipment to dry the church promptly. We called in our Storm Team to help with the drying process. They brought a trailer load full of dehumidifiers and other drying equipment. Together, we were able to dry the church and make it "Like it never even happened."

Tile Flooring Versus Stormwater

Tile flooring is usually resilient to water. However, the longer the water sits, the more likely it is to settle into the grout. The subfloor will swell once it becomes wet causing the tile to separate and crack.

While away on vacation, this homeowner received a call from his friend that his finished basement was flooded with stormwater. The sump pump stopped working during a horrible rain storm. Stormwater waterlogged the tile flooring. When we arrived, we assessed the damage by using a nonpenetrating moisture meter. The damage to the tile floor was minimal. Next, we utilized the power of dehumidifiers and fans. We set them up in the kitchen and in the surrounding wet areas to fast track the drying process.

When you have stormwater enter your home - Call SERVPRO of South Greenville County (864) 292 - 3137!

After A Storm Call SERVPRO of South Greenville County

This finished basement was flooded during a recent storm after the home owners sump pump stopped working. This caused the tile and carpet to become soaked with water. SERVPRO of South Greenville County was dispatched and responded immediately. We began extracting the water as soon as we arrived on the scene. Next, we removed the carpet pad and began drying out the carpet and tile. The drying process only took four days, and the customer was overjoyed with the results. Now onto the restoration process!  

When A Storm Arrives Call SERVPRO Of South Greenville County

This homeowner discovered stormwater had entered his home through his crawl space during a storm. SERVPRO of South Greenville County responded immediately. We were able to extract the water from the carpet. However, because of the contaminated water, the carpet pad and parts of the baseboard had to be removed. Next, drying equipment was set to ensure all areas were dry and there would be no mold growth. The customer was pleased we were able to stop any secondary damage from harming their beloved home.