Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Restoring Your Home Or Business After A Disaster.

SERVPRO of South Greenville County has an entire department dedicated to restoring your home after mitigation is complete. We have the knowledge, extensive training, and manpower to restore your home or business.

This homeowner's dishwasher had a slow leak that went unnoticed for a while. The cabinets and damaged flooring were removed from the home. Once the structure was dry, the restoration team began working. New hardwoods and laminate flooring were installed. Next, the homeowner's cabinets were reinstalled, and their belongings were moved back into the home.

After a disaster call SERVPRO of South Greenville County (864) 292-3137! We'll make it "Like it never even happened." 

SERVPRO of South Greenville County Crew Members

SERVPRO of South Greenville County crew members take a break from working hard to eat at a local fast food restaurant. We appreciate all the hard work our technicians and crew chiefs put in at every job site. They work around the clock to make every job site "Like it never even happened." 

When Your Carpets Need A Deep Cleaning Call SERVPRO of South Greenville County.

Before moving out, this customer wanted to remove the wine and heavy foot traffic stains from his carpet. He called the carpet cleaning professionals at SERVPRO of South Greenville County to remove the set in stains. The cleaning process only took us a day to complete and the customer was ecstatic with the results.

When your carpets need to be refreshed or deep cleaned call SERVPRO of South Greenville County (864) 292 - 3137! We'll make it "Like it never even happened."

Volunteering In Our Community

On National Day of Service and Remembrance, SERVPRO of South Greenville County volunteered at The Arts Center of Clemson. We spent the day landscaping the ground outside the arts center. Thank you to The Arts Center and Clemson Rotary for giving us the opportunity to volunteer. We love investing in our community. If you have any volunteer opportunities - give us a call (864) 292 - 3137! 

Tennis Tournament at Holly Tree Country Club

SERVPRO of South Greenville County enjoyed the sunny weather while we cheered on all the tennis players at the Holly Tree Country Club. We jump at any opportunity to help out in our community and cheer on our neighbors. 

Red Cross Golf Tournament Clemson, SC

SERVPRO of South Greenville County spent the day at Clemon's Walker Golf Course. The tournament began with a shotgun start and ended with $12,000 raised for the Red Cross. Thank you to all the teams that played and sponsors!

If you have an event and need sponsorship, give SERVPRO of South Greenville County a call (864) 292-3137. We are always here to help.